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Digital Transformation How-To Guide #6: Why Digital Transformation Requires Modern IT Management

Digital Technologies’ impacts on companies affect not only business users and business operations but also fundamentally changes the way IT is delivered. IT management must change as technology transforms organizations, but the reality is many IT organizations are struggling to adapt.

The need is transformation from traditional IT management to Modern IT Management.

Bill Topel by Bill Topel

Digital Transformation How-To Guide #3: Market Outlook

Digital Transformation in most experts’ minds is not only the largest challenge facing companies today but also the largest challenge facing the global economy. Whether you are a mid-market company, a global enterprise, a regional government or a country, Digital Transformation will impact your future.

Bill Topel by Bill Topel

Digital Transformation How-To Guide #2: Challenges

Digital Transformation is one of the largest and most complex challenges facing companies today. A company’s transformation from non-Digital/partially Digital to fully Digital is a journey that will affect all aspects of an organization. 

Bill Topel by Bill Topel