Working with the K2 PDF control in SmartForms and workflow processes

This blog post will cover the topic of using the K2 Save As PDF control in SmartForms asynchronously in the background, along with how to move the PDF feature to a workflow to eliminate any delay when a user is submitting the SmartForm. It also covers some tricks on displaying status messages when the PDF is being generated and how to inject page breaks where you want on your forms.

Steve Borgwardt by Steve Borgwardt

SQL Server Filegroups

A look how to create SQL Filegroups and what they are.

Nick Adams by Nick Adams

How to reset K2 Workspace Permissions

If you happen to assign workspace permissions (by default anyone can enter workspace) and you forgot to add an AD group or forget to include your user name and get locked out, here are the steps to reset the K2 Workspace permissions:

Steve Borgwardt by Steve Borgwardt

How to make K2 SmartForm disabled views / controls appear with normal styling

One of the issues I have noticed when using several of the K2 SmartForm themes is that when you have a read-only or disabled view/control, which is a very common scenario, the label and text box values that someone may have entered in the form appear very hard to see or read.

Steve Borgwardt by Steve Borgwardt

How to setup a secondary anonymous K2 SmartForms site

By default when installing K2 SmartForms, the forms runtime site will be protected by Windows Authentication and require licensed users in K2 to access these forms. There are several scenarios you may have to make a secondary SmartForms Runtime site publicly accessible with no authentication and this quick blog post will show you how to perform these actions.

Steve Borgwardt by Steve Borgwardt

Creating Logins and Users in SQL Server

In order for any application to work, Logins are needed to authenticate to the application and Users need to interact and be allowed access to the application.  SQL Server is no different.  This article will teach you how to create Logins and Users for SQL Server on a relatively high level to begin your understanding of how SQL Server authentication and access is allowed.

Nick Adams by Nick Adams

Concurrency awarded as Milwaukee Business Journal Fastest Growing Firm

Concurrency’s rapid growth in the last few years is a direct result of our work to help customers with their digital transformation, the integration of digital technologies such as social, mobile, analytics and cloud, in the service of transforming how their businesses work.

Jake Borzym by Jake Borzym

Tenets of Modern IT Management - 10 Part Video Series

The transformation of IT organizations into competitive advantages of their businesses has driven the adoption of Modern IT Management tenants and we've produced a 10 part video series detailing them.  You'll find below the 10 part series which walks through each tenet.

Nathan Lasnoski by Nathan Lasnoski

VIDEO: Microsoft EMS Walkthrough

You've heard a lot about Intune and Mobile Device Management (MDM), but what about the myriad of other components that are included with the Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS)?

Shannon Fritz by Shannon Fritz

Modern IT Management Defined: DevOps, ITIL, Cloud, Agile, or All of the Above?

What if I told you that you had to take your management platforms and start over, but this time you needed to plan for the next generation of how you'd work with your teams.  What if I told you that you needed to re-address how you dealt with your operational lifecycle, development, and release management.  This is what my team and I did over the last several months.  We decided that we'd look at what the management landscape will look like years from now and apply those concepts to the tools being released by Microsoft for the cloud-centric world. 

Nathan Lasnoski by Nathan Lasnoski

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