But Wait…There’s More: We Invest in Non-Technical Skill Development as Well as Technical

Author by Kate Weiland

As an IT professional, you know it is virtually impossible to advance your career without making a personal investment in technical training. Our industry moves at lightning speed. As a professional services consulting firm, we at Concurrency are committed to keeping our consultants living on the bleeding edge. We invest in training, provide time off to train, and pay for certifications. We have even made the investment to become a private PearsonVue testing center in house.

But wait...there's more.

What about building the non-technical skillset equally important to being a top-notch, rock star consultant? Far too often, companies fail to recognize gaps in the personal development of their employees. At Concurrency, we deem key non-technical skills just as important as technical expertise—because they are essential to a consultant’s personal success. I am talking about communication skills, self-awareness, empathy, listening, and learning to build critical relationships both within Concurrency and with our clients.

Several years ago, after much consideration and research, we choose a communication tool and training program called Insights Discovery. Earlier this year, I shared some history and perspectives on why Insights Discovery is an ideal program to support non-technical skill development at Concurrency. Check out the Q&A blog post titled “Concurrency, Inc. Complements Technical Expertise with Insights Discovery Training.”

Equally important to the training you choose is the facilitator who delivers the material. A gifted facilitator brings the material to life and finds ways to connect with the wide range of people who attend. Sara Daxer has now conducted more than 10 Insights Discovery sessions for Concurrency. She is truly a partner to our organization. Sara has expertly addressed our needs in a customized program to really focus on what’s most valuable to our consultants.

The return on this investment? A well-rounded human being—not just employee or consultant. We are now armed with set of tools to assist us with navigating through a demanding, high-touch world and can apply this training and valuable insight to all of our relationships, including partners, children and friends. 


Kate Weiland

Serves as Vice President of Human Capital and thought leader on all aspects of human resources, helping to ensure that Concurrency can identify, attract, and develop diverse talent necessary to implement overall strategy.

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