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Comparing Extended Events in SQL Server and Azure SQL Database

An exciting new feature of Azure SQL Database is the implementation of Extended Events (XEvents). I use XEvents in SQL Server to track information about many things – query performance, deadlocks, Availability Group status, and more. Until October, they were missing from SQL Database, but they are now in preview!

Kim Claditis by Kim Claditis

Microservices with Azure App Services

This is the first post in a series that takes a deep dive into Microservices & Azure App Services. The goal of this series is to educate you on microservices and how to apply a microservices style architecture to your new OR existing application by using Azure App Services, a newer PaaS offering to the Azure cloud.

Tim Gabrhel by Tim Gabrhel

Azure API Management

This week on the MS Dev Show, we interview Miao Jiang, Program Manager on the Azure API Management team. API Management is a service on Azure that provides a lot features on top of any API so you don’t have to spend the time to bake these common features in yourself.

Carl Schweitzer by Carl Schweitzer

Viewing and Applying Configurations in Azure Automation DSC

I’ve recently been talking about declarative configuration management using PowerShell DSC (platform) and Azure Automation DSC (tooling).  In the previous post we discussed how to get started learning about these concepts, as well as how to spin up your Azure Automation DSC instance.  In this post we’ll cover the capabilities of adding new Azure virtual machines, applying configurations, and viewing configurations.

Nathan Lasnoski by Nathan Lasnoski

SQL Server 2016 Backup and Restore Enhancements

Backups and restores are the bread and water of a DBA’s job. With each new version of SQL Server, Microsoft continues to add enhancements to backups and restores. With SQL Server 2016, here is what y...

Amy Cousland by Amy Cousland