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SharePoint Summit 2016 - Indiana

Author by Drew Madelung

Thanks to all who made it out through the snow to our SharePoint Summit 2016 event in Indiana last week.  We had a very engaging audience with a lot of good questions and the presentation is linked below!

During this Summit, we talked about a lot of things but centered it around Office 365.  This worked out well as most the attendees were either already on Office 365 or getting ready to go there.  This was not an anomaly as far as the percentages to on-premises vs Office 365.  The shift to cloud technologies like Office 365 is continuing to grow.  While this shift is happening, Microsoft hasn’t forgotten about the future of on-premises and we absolutely touched on the great new features in SharePoint Server 2016 and what is available for hybrid scenarios as well.

Here is the presentation!

If anyone has any further questions or wants to connect please feel free to send me an email at anytime or reach to me on twitter.


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Drew Madelung

Technical Architect