Sharing Documents from a Private Team to non Team Members

Author by Craig Jahnke

I was asked today, “how can I share documents in a from a private team with other people in the team with out adding them to the Team?”

A quick web search didn’t seem promising, but with a little testing I found out you could.

  1. Have a Private team and make sure you are an Owner in the team.

2. Go to the General channel –> File –> Open in SharePoint.

3. Go to the Gear icon and select Library Settings.

4. Select Permissions for the document library (Members won’t get this link, only Owners do).

5. Click the Break Inheritance button, it will change to Grant Permissions. Click on the Grant Permissions buttons and invite the users you want to have access to. You can also select the permission level of access they should have.

6. You should see something like this:

  • You might think just add them to the Visitors or Members group, but that will give them access to the entire Teams site.

7. Go back to the Documents library and copy the list.

8. Test in browser for another user:

9. Test going to the site:

10. Alternatively, you can just share out a folder if you only wanted to give access to a channels folder:

Hope this helps!