Creating an Office 365 Group with Team Site when Create O365 Groups is Disabled

Author by Craig Jahnke

Here is an interesting scenario I ran into this week.  I was asked to do a tenant to tenant migration of some Office 365 Groups.  No big deal, just create new groups with the same name in the destination tenant and use a third party tool to move the content. <– Yes I said content, at this time you can’t move conversations.

So I go into the Office 365 Admin Center -> Group and click Add a group…


Unfortunately Office 365 Group is not available.  So I got to check the Azure AD general settings for Groups and see Office 365 Group creation is set to No.

*** Update 07/23/2018*** This was partially caused by the Global Admin was set to an unlicensed user.

Microsoft Azure

I then find out that the company has a group policy that only members of the Office 365 Creators security group can create Office 365 groups.  I get added to that, but I still have a problem, it doesn’t add the option of Office 365 Group back to New Group page in the Office 365 admin center.  You can only add a new Office 365 group through the Exchange Admin center.   What’s the problem with that? It doesn’t create the SharePoint site on the back-end, so you can’t migrate your data.

I was stuck for a bit, because I didn’t want to enable Office 365 Group creation in Azure and when I went to the SharePoint admin center, it didn’t look like I could create one there, but it turns out you kind of can…  Not in the old admin center, but Microsoft has released the preview of the admin center.

Oldl Manage site collections

I clicked on Try the preview, went to Sites -> Site management and their is the option to Create site.

SharePoint Admin Center Preview

I clicked Create site and I get a pop up that asks me the type of site I want.  The first option is exactly what I am looking for… Team site connected to Office 365 group.

create Team site with Office 365 Group

I click on Team site and from there you just follow the wizard and you will end up with a SharePoint Team site connected to an Office 365 Group.  🙂

create Team site connected to Office 365 Group

Hope this helps you out!