Why is Office 365 Group missing from Add a group in O365 Admin center?

Author by Craig Jahnke

Last week I wrote a post about Office 365 admin center missing from New Group and how you can get around it by creating a SharePoint site, I thought it was because the general availability to create a group had been turned off:  Creating an Office 365 Group with Team Site when Create O365 Groups is Disabled I have since update that post and while that is partly right, I figured out a simpler reason.   As a consultant, when I request Global Admin rights to a tenant, often I am given an account with Global Admin rights, but as an Unlicensed user.  If I use that user to go into Office 365 Admin -> Groups -> New Groups I see the below:


What, no Office 365 group choice???

Also you can’t create a Microsoft Teams since there is no configuration setting in Office 365 to provision Teams, so you only have the option of creating it in the Exchange admin center or the SharePoint admin center as referenced in the post above.

But when I add a licence, such as E3, to the Global Admin account, I see below:

Office 365- Groups

And there is my Office 365 Group!!!

And now I also get access to Teams, so I can create my Team there as well.

Microsoft Teams

The nice think about creating it there is that it automatically creates the Office 365 group and SharePoint site behind the scenes.

Hope this helps!