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CRM Tip: Comparing Security Roles with Photo Editor Layers

Author by Dan Fink

If you've ever had to make some minor changes to a Dynamics CRM Security Role, you know how complicated the various aspects of settings permissions on individual entities with a given scope can get. Ideally once you've set your roles, you won't need to change them, but occasionally an issue may crop up which gives cause to change those roles. In the past you may have resorted to putting the roles in a table, iterating through the entities one by one, or maybe even comparing the XML from the solution. This is a lot of work for such a simple task: show me what's different between these two roles.

Here's an easy way to make it abundantly clear what is different between two different roles:

  1. Take a screenshot of the tab you want to compare for each role (try to make them exactly the same size
  2. Put each screenshot into a different layer in your photo editing software of choice
  3. Toggle the visibility of one layer repetedly

You should see exactly which permissions vary, making it easy to document this or apply your necessary changes.

If you want toggle on repeat, you can always make a GIF of it like this:


Hope this helps and saves some time during the monotony of security role auditing.


Dan Fink

Senior System Engineer