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Resources for “SQL Server in Azure: Essentials for the Database Administrator”

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Thanks for attending my presentation! Here are resources I mentioned to learn more.

Channel 9: Azure Network Infrastructure

Virtual Network Overview:

MVA: Azure Networking Fundamentals for IT Pros

Azure Portal availability chart

Azure PowerShell

Azure PowerShell Cmdlet Reference

Concurrency Azure Periodic Table

Availability Sets:

High availability and disaster recovery for SQL Server in Azure Virtual Machines

3 Keys to Configuring Azure Virtual Machines for Use in SQL Server Availability Groups

Deploy a SQL Server DB to Azure VM wizard -

SQL Server DB Migration wizard -

Azure Automation: Your SQL Agent in the Cloud

Elastic Database Jobs Overview

DMV examples:

Add Alerts with PowerShell

Azure Business Continuity Technical Guidance 

Reference: Using the Transient Fault Handling Application Block with SQL Azure

Cloud business continuity and database disaster recovery with SQL Database

Azure SQL Database Geo-Restore

Spotlight on SQL Database Active Geo-Replication








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