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The Evolving World of SharePoint

Author by Drew Madelung

Anyone who has been working with SharePoint for more than a short period of time has seen the product has go through many ups and downs. Right now I believe SharePoint is evolving to the modern age and the future looks incredibly bright. 

We are only a few days away from another large Microsoft event, this year Microsoft Ignite will be hosted in Atlanta.  When looking at the session list, you will see that it is packed full of hundreds of SharePoint sessions. The push behind this evolution of SharePoint right now is at a break neck pace and right now we just need to hold on as innovations continue to be released.  With this evolution there has been a growing excitement in the community and there is good reason for this excitement.  The numbers behind the amount of organizations using SharePoint and people working with SharePoint is huge!


It is very clear that SharePoint is going to be the central productivity and collaboration resource for Microsoft moving forward. We are seeing the changes every day within Office 365 and soon we will be seeing this options become more readily available within SharePoint Server 2016.  

In just the last year here are some of the huge changes that have happened around the SharePoint technology space...

SharePoint Server 2016 Released


  • If there was ever any doubt about the future of SharePoint for on-premises that can be forgotten.  SharePoint as an on-premises solution is here to stay.  This is the first release of the on-premises product that has evolved more from the Office 365 version of SharePoint than before.  This will make adapting to the innovations being released by Microsoft to Office 365, much easier to digest within SharePoint Server 2016.

SharePoint Framework Preview Available


  • The core SharePoint UI/UX has been the same since master pages and page layouts were introduced in SharePoint 2007.  Finally this year Microsoft has begun working towards a modern development solution within SharePoint.  The SharePoint Framework is a page and web part model that provides full support for client-side SharePoint development.  It's framework agnostic and based on modern web technologies and tools.  This framework will begin providing a new platform for development within SharePoint.

Modern SharePoint Experiences Roll-out to Office 365


  • On the backbone of the new SharePoint Framework, Microsoft has begun releasing major UX/UI changes to SharePoint online.  This includes modern document libraries, lists, and site contents.  These new experiences are some of the first major changes to lists and libraries within SharePoint in many years.  Some of these changes may be hard to adapt to quickly but as you being working with the new experiences more you will see some of great features that have been lacking in basic document and data management. your pocket?


  • We now have the SharePoint mobile app.  This release shows how Microsoft really is moving towards the "cloud first, mobile first" model.  This app is a great tool to begin accessing your content wherever you are.  This includes deep integration within the mobile Office client apps along with the much improved OneDrive app for document management. 

Wow! That's a lot of stuff but what else is new?

It would be hard to go over all the new stuff in a blog post and I am sure there will be more SharePoint news announced at Ignite next week.  If you want to learn some more about SharePoint, Concurrency will be hosting a SharePoint Summit in October across multiple cities in the Midwest.  Come and join us to chat about all things SharePoint and Office 365!



Drew Madelung

Technical Architect

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