5 tips to scaling a service provider

Author by Nathan Lasnoski

What if I could save you 30% of your datacenter cost and help you double in size with your current staff? It is possible and I can prove it. We've seen customers who have saved millions of dollars by implementing Microsoft technologies to run their businesses more effectively. Let me show you how.  

Don't run like a black box.

You cannot run IT as a black box anymore. You need to provide clear visibility into your costs and their relationships to your services that you operate. Running a service is a direct correlation between the service, its cost, and quality. Do you have data like this, or are you operating in the dark? Service Costing Check out PowerBI here.  

Use proven patterns and practices

A successful service provider isn't built by accident. If you use normalized patterns and practices you will be able to execute at a significantly higher level of efficiency with a smaller number of staff. Are you fighting fires, or are you gaining control of how you deliver on your services? Check out Microsoft Virtual Academy, ITIL for IT Pros.  

Leverage automation and self-service

Here is some simple math, "skill < complexity * scale". You can't hire enough smart people to scale a complex solution. You need to simplify, normalize, and automate. Are you leveraging automation? Check out: • Use Windows Azure Pack to provide self-service scarcity to your consumersUse Service Management Automation (SMA) to provide automation of common IT tasksUse Azure automation to orchestrate patching and change windows  

Commoditize your datacenter

Go after the non-commodity technology in your datacenter, especially storage. If you are spending $16 million on storage and you can reduce it by half, that reduction not only impacts your current spend, but also impacts the growth of that spend. Microsoft has done an excellent job of taking technologies which are commodities and moving them toward a lower price point. Check out: • Replace current enterprise SANs with storage spaces and commodity hardwareUse software defined networking to scale and silo your usersSave licensing costs and SAN replication costs by implementing Hyper-V  

Use the cloud where you don't have a competitive advantage

In many service providers the datacenter is a competitive advantage. That said, I've worked with many service providers where in scaling into another market they are unable to put that position out quickly, so they have chosen to leverage Azure services. Check out: • Use Azure Hyper-V recovery manager to orchestrate your failover plansUnderstand how to use Azure properly for your use cases   Let's do it. Nathan Lasnoski

Nathan Lasnoski

Chief Technology Officer