Adding Custom Search Categories in SCSM

Author by Nathan Lasnoski

I wanted to create an improved search experience for my users in an Service Manager environment and was looking at how I could easily add a custom drop-down box for search.  I didn't want to have people search using the base configuration item search box.  I wanted to provide SCSM searching that was granular to just a specific class.   In researching this I did find a post that Travis walked through regarding adding the additional search drop down.  In his case the search configuration included both the class and the search classification in the same management pack. In my case the management pack for the class was already in the system and I wanted to point to it.   It ultimately took the addition of the following line to the management pack.    You'll note the line reference of "CellTracker!", which is indicating the following reference, which is in the initial manifest of the management pack: CellTracker 07dc7f4ad2d6fa3e   I found after deploying into my environment the search box correctly was displayed! 3. Search Box I did try doing this with a type projection (using "CellTracker!CellTracker.TP.PlanSetup"), but it did not work.  If anyone knows a solution to using a type projection in the same manner, let me know.   Happy searching!   Nathan Lasnoski

Nathan Lasnoski

Chief Technology Officer