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Concurrency Wins Microsoft Midwest Area Partner of the Year

Author by James Savage

BROOKFIELD, WI, July 25, 2011 – James Savage, CEO of Brookfield-based Concurrency, Inc., accepted an award in Los Angeles on July 14 from Microsoft, which has named Concurrency Midwest Area Managed Partner of the Year as part of Microsoft’s FY11 Regional Managed Partner Awards Program. Concurrency is the only Microsoft partner in the Midwest region and one of 10 partners in the nation to receive this award. This award builds on Concurrency’s previous recognition from Microsoft, which in 2010 awarded the firm Central Region Managed Partner of the Year for Marketing Excellence. As a technology consulting firm focused on improving business productivity, Concurrency works with Midwest companies to maximize the return on their IT investments. Concurrency is the Wisconsin leader in transitioning companies’ IT systems to Microsoft’s cloud services for increased efficiencies, pay-as-you-go cost benefits, and better data security. James Savage said, “We’re proud to be recognized for our work helping local companies innovate in a new era of IT possibilities. In the 1990s, email and the Internet were revolutionary. Now, in the 2010s, cloud computing is just as revolutionary. You can expect greater efficiency and more entrepreneurial thinking from both large and small companies as IT dollars are freed up to focus on improving business processes.” He also noted Milwaukee’s distinctive history in cloud computing: “For forty years Milwaukee has been an epicenter in outsourced bank data processing, which is actually an early example of cloud computing.” James Savage said, “It used to be 70% of corporate IT dollars were spent just to keep the lights on. Now, with Microsoft’s Office 365 cloud services, it’s possible to slash that ‘maintenance’ percentage and use IT dollars to genuinely boost business productivity — which includes serving customers better.” Microsoft chose Concurrency for the award from an extensive field of other Microsoft partners for their delivery of market-leading customer solutions. The Partner of the Year honor goes to the partner that has exemplified overall “best in class” characteristics tied to revenue, marketing ROI, customer satisfaction, loyalty and innovation. Concurrency offers clients access to the full Microsoft on-premises product set, and the new Office 365 cloud services offerings, which were recently introduced and are considered revolutionary. Concurrency provides expert advice and consulting to companies as they transition “to the cloud.” Concurrency has also created one of the only “Microsoft Experience Centers” in the Midwest, an immersive, interactive lab environment where corporate executives can envision and experiment with the business process improvements made possible with these new cutting-edge technologies. Concurrency is an authority on enterprise content management, customer relationship management, business intelligence, application development, and network infrastructure. About Concurrency Concurrency, Inc., is an information technology solution company founded 1989. Its customers are among the most successful communication, construction, financial, insurance, professional services, logistics, and manufacturing companies in the Midwest. Concurrency is the Midwest’s authority on the Microsoft platform. As a Gold-Certified Partner, the company deploys solutions in SharePoint & Collaboration, Application Development, Core Infrastructure, Unified Communications, CRM and Microsoft Online Services. For over twenty-two years Concurrency’s consultants have helped companies in Milwaukee, Madison, and Chicago improve business efficiencies and worker productivity. Visit for more information.

James Savage

James Savage is the President of Concurrency, Inc., an information technology solution company he founded 1989. Its customers are among the most successful communication, construction, financial, insurance, logistics, and manufacturing companies in the Midwest.