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I was excited about the new custom power map feature and decided to create a custom power map visualization to analyze our successful UC Summit event.

Image1: The list of the sample attendees for the event


This excel sheet shows you a list of all the potential customers who attended the UC Summit event. Now, we need a sample image on which we would like to plot our custom map

Image2: A sample image download from google which has a 2x2 matrix kind of square image. I want to plot the “EA” i.e. Enterprise Account customers on the Y-axis and the CHECKED-IN status i.e. the customers who attended the event on the X-axis. I edit the image to add the names of X & Y axis on the downloaded 2x2 matrix image.


Then, I found out the pixel co-ordinates for each square box in the 2x2 matrix. Once, I determined the pixel co-ordinates, it becomes very easy to create the custom visualizations. Finding the appropriate pixel co-ordinates is the trick to create the powerful custom map visualizations. In the next image, you can see the X&Y axis columns added to the excel sheet. Remember that to create a successfuly custom powermap, you need to find the x and y co-ordinates of the image pixels very carefully. In this image, we are having only a 2x2 matrix which indicates that there must be only 4 possible co-ordimates -> 2 for x-axis and 2 for y-axis.

Image3: I added two columns and named then X & Y respectively. I have used a logical  (IF) operator to identify if the “EA” = 1 or 0 to determine the X co-ordinate. Similarly, I use the same logical (IF) operator to find out if the status was “EVENT ATTENDED or NOT ATTENDED to find the Y co-ordinate.


If you carefully notice, I have changed YES with ‘1’ in the EA column. Similarly, I have replaced ‘Attended’ with ‘1’ in the Status column. This is done to accommodate the IF logical formula which goes like this

IF([@EA]=1, X-cordinate for YES, X co-ordinate for NO)

Then I go to power map visualization and match the X & Y column with the X & Y axis repectively.

Image4: This shows how to map the X and Y column of excel sheet with that of the power X & Y axis. Select the option - CHANGE TO A CUSTOM MAP when you are done.


Image5: Finally, I select the PIXEL SPACE option in custom map and lock the co-ordinates. Press APPLY & DONE after locking the co-ordinates.


Image6: The final customer powermap visualization. Now, this final visualization shows the  X-Y graph of EA vs CHECK-IN.


We can find out interesting results from this custom visualization. It shows that all the potential customers with Enterprise Accounts tag visited the event. This is great as we can easily deduce that this event was perceived to be grand and none of the high profile members from large companies missed this event. Such a custom power map can help the marketing team to target more Enterprise Accounts while launching promotional campaigns in future for UC Summit event.


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