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Creating Monitor Runbooks in Azure Automation

Author by Duncan Lindquist

This blog is the first in a series on how to create different types of monitor Runbooks in Azure Automation. This post will go through how to create monitor Runbooks using schedules.

To do this start by opening your Azure portal and navigating to the Azure Automation section. In the Azure Automation section select Assets->Schedules then add Schedules. You will notice that the shortest time you can set the recurrence for is 1 hour. If you try to ad a decimal you will get an error that it must be a number from 1-100.

Monitor 01

While this may seem like a problem we can actually apply multiple schedules to a Runbook. Using this stratagy we can have Runbooks run from different min increments in the hour allowing us to have the runbook run more than one time in an hour.  For example if I want to have a Runbook run every twenty mins I would create 3 schedules one for every twenty min increment during the hour (:00,:20 and :40).


Now that the schedule is created we need to add it to the Runbook we want to have run as a monitor. To do this open the Runbook you want to add a schedule to then click schedule -> schedule and then select each of the schedules to apply. Monitor03

Once all the schedules are added to the Runbook it will now run on a schedule in the incremented time we have chosen. When you have all the schedules added your Runbook should look like the picture below.


The next blog post will cover setting up monitor Runbooks using the Azure Job Scheduler!


Duncan Lindquist

Service Management & Automation Solution Lead