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Creating the FAST Search Content SSA

Author by Duncan Lindquist

1. On the FAST Admin node open the file located at root of your FASTSearch folder. Inside this file you will find all of the information we need to create Content and Query SSA's in SharePoint. 2. Now that we have this information, go to your SharePoint server and open Central admin. In Central admin under Application management click Manage Service Applications. On the Manage Service Applications page click new in the top left hand corner and select Search Service Application 3. Under Service Application name enter the name you would like for your FAST Search content SSA. In the FAST Service Application field select FAST Search Connector. For the Search Service Account select the search account we created for FAST Search. 4. On the next screen select the name of your application pool and the farm account as the security account. In the next two fields you will enter the information from the info.txt file that we opened at the beginning of this post. Match the fields to the text file as seen below. Then click ok and let it create. 5. Now that the Content SSA is created we need to enable communications between the FAST server and the SharePoint Server using certificates.  We will be able to replace these certificates with ones from a CA later if we want. The first thing we will need to do is grab two files from the FAST server and move them to the SharePoint server. The first file is the securefastsearchconnector.ps1 and is located at FASTSearchinstallerscripts. The second file is the FAASTSSearchCert.pfx and is located at FASTSearchdatadata_securitycert. Once you have these files move them over to your SharePoint Server. 6. Now that you have your files on your SharePoint server, open the SharePoint management shell as administrator and navigate to the location where you placed the securefastsearchconnector.ps1. 7. Next run the power shell command:
.SecureFASTSearchConnector.ps1 –certPath “Path of the certificate you copied over from the FAST  Servercertificatename.pfx” –ssaName “Name of the Content SSA we just created” –username “.ssearch account (domainusername)”
After entering the command you will be prompted for the certificate password. This is the certificate we created when we configured the admin node. After entering the Certificate password the connection will be validated and it is time to create our query SSA! Go back to Index

Duncan Lindquist

Service Management & Automation Solution Lead