DPM 2012 Features, Preview, and Hyper-V

Author by Nathan Lasnoski

DPM has been a critical part of Microsoft Hyper-V Private Cloud infrastructures, as it provides the capability to protect the virtual machines, as well as the applications running within them.  I've found DPM to be a refreshing replacement for many different backup products, especially because of its emphasis on disk protection, cloud secondary storage, and ability to protect without an over-reliance on "backup windows".  Naturally I'm excited about what the future holds for DPM and I a lot of information was provided to us at Tech Ed on DPM 2012.  Here are the key feature additions!! Centralized Management This is a key feature, as it allows you to centrally manage all DPM servers from one place.
  • Centralized Monitoring
  • Remote administration
  • Remote recovery
  • Role Based management
  • Remote corrective actions
  • Scoped Troubleshooting
  • Push to Resume Backups
  • SLA based Alerting : Alert only when SLA violated
  • Consolidated Alerts ensure one ticket per root cause issue
  • Alert categorization (Ex: infra alerts versus backup failure alerts)
  • Allow admins to automate/extend the base functionality using PowerShell
  Certificate Based Protection
  • Support for workgroup members using certificate protection
  • Support for clustered workloads not in trust relationship to DPM parent domain
  Media Co-location
  • Supports the ability to co-locate multiple protection groups on one set of tapes
  Virtual Enhancements
  • Support for item level recovery, even when DPM is in a VM.  This is a nice departure, as previously the DPM server had to be running the Hyper-V role to execute on item level recovery.
  Generic Data Source Protection
  • Supports network location backup / recovery
  • Basic protection of any referential data source
  SharePoint Recovery
  • Direct recovery into SharePoint in minutes!!
  Here is a video where some of this is talked about in more detail: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/edge/Video/hh124788 Happy virtualizing! Nathan Lasnoski

Nathan Lasnoski

Chief Technology Officer