DPM to Azure Backup. What it means to you.

Author by Nathan Lasnoski

Today Microsoft announced that you can now do long term backups to Azure with DPM and UR3.  Previously to UR3 you could only use DPM for short term backups.  This is powerful because it allows a business to fully replace or complement tape with very inexpensive storage in the cloud.   If you have Hyper-V you need to be looking at this solution now.



Why is this important?  It will virtually guarantee a reduction of cost.
  • Cost reduction of manual tape processes
  • Cost reduction of on-premise data replication to secondary storage devices
  • Cost reduction of recovery to secondary sites
  • Replication of long term backups to a recovery site
How does it work?  DPM natively connects to Azure backup services.
  • DPM backs up locally or to Azure for short term storage
  • DPM replicates its long term storage recovery points out to an Azure storage pool
  • Azure retention available to 3,328 days for 120 retention points
What does it cost (starting April 1st, 2015)?
  • $10 per protected instance
  • $0.22 per GB per month (LRS)
  • $0.45 per GB per month (GRS)

The technology moves a common high cost away (reducing costs up to 90%) as well as easing the delivery of IT as a whole.

Here is the announcement.


Nathan Lasnoski

Chief Technology Officer