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How can I be in two places at once? Remote Access with iPad and Tablets

Author by Kirk Poser

The Problem

You left a file on your desktop on your PC at the office. Or maybe you need to email something out from the office but you are at home because of a huge snow storm. For whatever reason, you and your PC are miles apart with no chance of hooking up. How sad is that? But wait! I have Wifi at home don’t I? Or my iPad or Windows 7 tablet has internet access. Hmmmm. The great think about WiFi is that if you can get online, you can probably access your PC remotely. How? Let look:

My Top 2 Solutions

Splashtop Remote Desktop

This is one of my favorites, and I have tried them all. My requirements are: easy to setup, easy to use, and it works the way I do. I don’t want to learn fancy keystrokes to make it function; let me use my device functionality. Splashtop has a myriad of products that all link together and are worth exploring. Setup is simple, as here is all you need to do: You simply download the free streamer from the website , install it on your PC, and then log in that device with a Gmail account so that you can connect to it via the Internet. Now that desktop is open for a connection, you can purchase the App for the i-Device or Windows 7 Tablet or a Mac and fire it up. If your iPad or Tablet are in the same wireless network, they will see it other, and you click connect. If you are not in the same network, but are on Wi-Fi, but logging in from your App to that Gmail account you configured on your PC, Viola, there it is, ready to connect. It can even stream music playing on your PC to your iPad!

LogMeIn Ignition

The other favorite out there is LogMeIn Ignition. This app also bears the distinction of being the most expensive of the stand-alone apps. If you need more features of functionality with remote connections, this is your choice. Just like Splashtop, LogMeIn Ignition lets you install the LogMeIn Free host software on any PC or Mac in your collection, so you can connect to whatever machine you need at a particular moment, be it at home or at the office. The app also works with LogMeIn Pro service which adds remote printing, file sharing, screen sharing, and other premium features. In other words, combined with a paid LogMeIn Pro account, LogMeIn Ignition gets you basically the same feature set as GoToMyPC, but with a lower annual renewal rate and with access to more of your PCs at no additional cost. (It also supports Macs.) I think the navigation isnt as fluent as Splashtop, but it is a matter of personal choice. As you control a remote system, you'll see a pointer on the screen accompanied by a ghostly image of a mouse. Tap or slide your finger to position the pointer where you want it, and then tap on the ghost mouse's buttons to use it like a regular mouse It's a visually intuitive approach that lets you easily distinguish between a right-click and a left-click, but the on-screen image of the mouse can be distracting. One security feature that I find of value is its notification about failed logins. If someone (you or anyone else) attempts to connect to your PC and fails, LogMeIn immediately sends you an e-mail notification that includes the IP address of the machine that made the attempt. There are many others out there: Jump Desktop, VNC Viewer and other VNC variations, but for ease of use and best feature set, check out these two apps!

Kirk Poser

Senior Account Manager