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How to Add a Description to a Service Manager Business Service

Author by Christopher Mank

One of the most important tasks of an IT organization is to define solid Business Services.  Having a Service Portfolio of well thought-out Business Services really allows IT to accurately report to Upper Management on what is going on from a technology perspective and where their time is being spent. In Service Manager, we have a place in the Configuration Items workspace to track these Business Services so they can be managed as a CI in the CMDB. Business Service CI View Image If we open the Business Service form, we are able to configure a number of different properties of a Service.  But if you notice, there isn't actually a Description field anywhere on the form. Default Business Service Form Image Upon some further investigation, it turns out there are actually two Description fields on the Business Service class.  This just means that the properties never made it on the actual form. System.Service Class Image So the solution is pretty simple, just update the out-of-box Business Service form to show these Description properties.  This can be done in one of two ways.  You can either add textboxes to the form using the Authoring Tool or add a custom control using Visual Studio. Since I find custom controls in VS to look so much nicer than using the Authoring Tool, I went ahead and added a new Description tab to the form and created the proper textboxes for the Description fields.  We now have a proper Business Service form that looks like the below image. Custom Business Service Form Image If you are looking to add the same customization to your own Business Service form, I've uploaded the MPB file to SkyDrive that contains this customization.  All you need to do is Import the Management Pack and then you should have your updated form.  I hope this helps those looking to add some descriptions to your Business Services. Until the Whole World Hears, Christopher  

Christopher Mank

Systems Architect