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How to Copy your Production Service Manager Reports to a Lab Environment

Author by Christopher Mank

Anytime you intend to upgrade your Service Manager environment, whether it be to a new version or release update, it is strongly recommended you perform and test the upgrade in a Lab environment before upgrading your Production environment.  Microsoft always publishes some great documentation on how to copy your Prod SM data to a Lab environment (found here).  This documentation is also extremely helpful when you need to setup additional environments for development testing and/or QA validation. The gist of these steps is to copy your Prod CMDB to the other environment.  This works really well however what it doesn't take into account is the SSRS, or Reporting database.  The out-of-box reports come bundled in Management Packs however if you've built any custom reports and manually added them to SSRS, these will not come over.  Having these reports in your Lab environment may be very beneficial for development and/or upgrade validation testing. So, how can we copy our Production Service Manager reports?  Here are the steps: 1.  SSRS comes bundled with a great utility called "rs".  This utility can process a script you provide to automate certain tasks from within SSRS, like copy reports (documentation found here).  You will first want to familiarize yourself with how this works. 2.  A few weeks back, Microsoft Technical Writer Craig Guyer posted a great script on CodePlex (found here) that uses the rs utility to migrate all SSRS content from one server to another.  Not only does it copy the reports, but all of the settings as well (subscriptions, snapshots, default parameters, etc.). Download this script from CodePlex and place it in the same directory as the rs utility (C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Server\100\Tools\Binn). 3.  Refer to the documentation listed on how to use the utility.  I have below a sample command line used to copy only a particular folder from one environment to another.  This is very handy since you most likely will not want to copy the out-of-box reports. rs script image Copy/Paste Mode: rs.exe -i ssrs_migration.rss -e Mgmt2010 -s http:///ReportServer -u \ -p -v f="/SystemCenter/ServiceManager/Source Folder" -v ts="http:///ReportServer" -v tu="\" -v tp="" -v tf="/SystemCenter/ServiceManager/Target Folder" 4.  Once this completes, all of your Service Manager reports should now be in your Lab environment.  You will want to validate that everything copied over as you would expect. And that's all there is to it.  A nice and easy way to move your custom Service Manager reports to a Lab environment.  I hope this helps and if anyone is interested in learning how to add their reports to a Management Pack for easy deployment, post a comment below and I'll look to get those steps posted in a future blog! Until the Whole World Hears, Christopher

Christopher Mank

Systems Architect