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How To Import Lync 2010 Phone Edition Firmware

Author by Matt Sims

A common administrative task for Lync Server 2010 administrators is to refresh device firmware.  This is accomplished via the Lync Server Management Shell and the Import-CSDeviceUpdate commandlet.  Lync Phone Edition updates are published quarterly by the RTC Sustained Engineering team at Microsoft and provide bug fixes as well as performance / feature enhancements.  The import process breaks down as follows:
  • Download latest Lync Phone Edition firmware from Microsoft's website
  • Extract '' from downloaded 'ucupdates.exe' file
  • Execute Import-CSDeviceUpdate commandlet against '' file (Screenshot below)
At this point the firmware will be downloaded by devices belong to the "Test Devices" group.  After testing the firmware, administrators can approve it for general consumption via the Lync Server Control Panel. - Matt

Matt Sims

Solution Lead - Unified Communications