Major Azure Backup Pricing Changes in April 2015

Author by Nathan Lasnoski

There is exciting news for those using, or interested in using Azure Backup.  In the past I've presented the Azure Backup scenario but have found the pricing difficult for many customers to accept for their business need.  In April 2015 the pricing will be reduced drastically.   The new pricing is:
  • Instances up to 50 GB of data: $5 per protected instance + storage consumed
  • Instances between 50 GB and 500 GB of data: $10 per protected instance + storage consumed
  • Instances greater than 500 GB of data: Increments of $10 for every 500 GB + storage consumed
The biggest change is that the storage cost went from $.20 per GB/month to the cost of GRS or LRS, which is $.02 and $.04 respectively.   Validate your pricing here: I'm looking forward to protected many other environments with Azure Backup!   Nathan Lasnoski

Nathan Lasnoski

Chief Technology Officer