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[caption id="attachment_10348" align="alignright" width="140"]Keli Wells Photo Keli Wells, Senior Recruiter[/caption] Concurrency is always on the lookout for talented individuals with superior technical skills, exceptional communication skills, boundless creativity, team spirit and a winning, can-do attitude. Keli Wells, a Senior Recruiter at Concurrency discusses Microsoft careers available at Concurrency.
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Marek: Welcome to another episode of Concurrency Expert Podcast. Today we are hosting Keli who is a senior recruiter at Concurrency. Welcome Keli.

Keli: Thank you.

Marek: Keli, would you please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about yourself.

Keli: I'm Keli Wells. I'm a senior recruiter here at Concurrency. I'm really excited to be here. I love working at Concurrency its a family oriented friendly type of environment were everybody is willing to share. I've been in the recruitment industry for 12 years now. Solely focused on IT recruitment. I've worked in a number of spaces, in large and small organizations as well as in the consulting space, and in the corporate space. So Concurrency is very exciting to work for a company that's very focused in a particular technology. And really be able to dwell deep in that space.

Marek: Keli, at Concurrency what are some of the practice areas that you are recruiting for?

Keli: Well typically our practice areas include the Infrastructure practice area, we have Business Productivity, we have Relationship Management as well as some other roles.

Marek: OK. Now could you tell us a little bit about Infrastructure practice area.

Keli: Sure. Our infrastructure practice team helps organizations better understand an implement a more secure and well managed and dynamic core. You know IT infrastructure. That helps reduce cost. Better uses resources and it you know makes IT a strategic asset for the business. So we work across a spectrum of technologies and devices including servers, desktops, mobile devices, and applications. With most clients our approach begins with a core infrastructure optimization project and the strategic approach results in a detailed road map from a costly and an efficient IT environment to IT infrastructure. So for each optimization model includes a specific technical capability that provides a comprehensive set of solutions to help advance our clients infrastructure optimization levels. Now every project for our clients we help to achieve a more efficient resource usage to help eliminate a lot of those unnecessary costs and complexities. We also like to ensure that our businesses stay up and running and that we established a responsive infrastructure. By the nature of the work we have experts on the latest technologies here at Concurrency.

Marek: That sounds like a lot of exciting things to be involved in, in infrastructure practice areas.

Keli: Absolutely, Our work is cutting edge technologies that solve real problems you know. We help people transform their IT departments from call centers to really strategic assets for the organization.

Marek: And then from the career growth path if someone is interested working at Concurrency or in  Microsoft technologies, this practice area provides a lot of growth opportunities doesn't it?

Keli: Absolutely. There's a lot of opportunities I mean we've, it's been out history to have people come in were they are a little you know lighter in their career and really grow with Concurrency. We have three Microsoft MVPs that work here at Concurrency out of the 125 that work across the country. And you know a lot of them just grew up here basically and so we you know love to support that growth for our employees.

Marek: That's great. Business Productivity is the next area of expertise that your guys are providing. Could you tell us more about that practice area - Business Productivity?

Keli; So our business productivity practice plans and implements solutions that build business value. Projects often begin with the business productivity infrastructure optimization engagement to really examine the management in control of content, data and the processes across all areas of the clients business. We bring more transparency with greater accountability and increase security and privacy to our clients. We help simplify how people communicate and fear their expertise. You know make the processes and the content management more efficient and improve the quality of the business insight. This strategic approach really helps transform IT departments into a strategic asset for all organizations. You know client’s projects commonly include work in like you know different domains so that it could be like collaboration. It could be in a content management, enterprise search, reporting an analysis as well as content creation. And each of these we plan an employ the latest technologies in combination with customized solutions for individual businesses.

Marek: Keli would you please tell us about Relationship Management practice area.

Keli: Our relationship management practice helps organizations further their business by managing relationships. It's very important for organizations to manage relationships with their like employees, their partners, suppliers, distributors, vendors, media you know any other stake holders that they have involved in the process. The traditional CRM related domains include sales force automation. We've also got marketing automation and customer service. We work in the domains and you know these domains and more. We leverage a practical work program for implementing solutions from clients taking those initial first steps to completely redefining how they engage people. Managing relationships is imperative to good business and I mean that goes with any business you know. So good relationship management is founded on applying intelligent processes. We have a lot of highly intelligent people here that are really good at helping us apply those processes. We help clients capture information, apply rules, and improve work process throughout their departments. This CRM approach which encompasses all the stake holders can revolutionize how organizations relate to people and how people relate to organizations.

Marek: Thank you Keli for sharing about the practice areas. Can we talk about specific jobs that you have in each or some of those practice areas. What are some jobs that you hire people for to provide career growth and let's say infrastructure practice area?

Keli: We do have a number of roles in the infrastructure practice that we're looking to fulfill currently. So I'll kind of go over some of those. Right now we have a SharePoint ECM Specialist role. That particular role is looking for someone with six to eight years of industry experience. This high level position would fall within our SharePoint practice an infrastructure practice. It you know really requires the ability to implement a project from analysis to completion with very little assistance. The position is designed to be the next step in someone’s career path for a Senior Implementation Specialist with a preference for the business analysis and implementation side of things. A SharePoint ECM Specialist must have you know knowledge in a couple of different areas and I guess this would go for all of our practice areas you know as a consultant you must have the excellent communication skills. You must have you know, great written and verbal skills and the ability to work independently with a client. Very important for all of our employees to have good problem solving skills and business analysis skills. You know some experience with writing statements of work and so forth is helpful as well. You know just having the open mind set that we're there to help our clients a great deal is really what we're looking for overall.

Marek: What are some other knowledge or experience that those candidates need to have?

Keli: Well for this particular role we're looking for someone that has done some you know developed or development or scripting preferably like .Net with VB or C# experience. Someone with some infrastructure experience whether it be with hardware, software, you know, data or networking. Someone with experience installing and configuring you know Windows Server 2003 or 2008 is fine as well. Active Directory and what else? Lets see the Internet Information Server as well is a plus. You know lets see what else can I tell you about it. The expertise and SharePoint or other you know, Enterprise Content Management Solutions is definitely helpful. Experience with InfoPath Forms is great. We're also looking for someone who's had some you know experience with installing and configuring Microsoft SQL Server whether it be 2008 or 2012 works well as well. And then finally I would say someone who has had exposure with SQL Server Database Design an implementation experience that's definitely a plus.

Marek: Well how about what are some of the responsibilities that, that person would be fulfilling or be responsible for?

Keli: Well overall they are there to provide consulting services to a client regarding advance SharePoint configuration and business process automation solutions. Perform the installation and the configuration of SharePoint. And then you know any other third party solutions that may also come along with that. They  are to develop project documentation for a client. They also there to really collaborate on the writing and presentation of the statements of work and that's a very collaborative effort for us. The ability to be the solution, lead on a small project is very important. You know provide that technical assistance and the guidance to junior team members or clients and so forth that is also important. And then I would say the final two things that are really important in terms of responsibilities for this role would be the ability to manage projects, multiple projects at the same time and you know including like managing the technical resource piece of it that are assigned to the projects. So you know really being able to multi-task and then the final thing is participating in social media I mean we love social media and you know we are here to evangelize you know your knowledge and the Concurrency brand. So those things are very important to us as well.

Marek: Great. I know that Concurrency provides a tremendous growth and advancement. So if someone would get hired onto this position what are some areas that you as Concurrency would provide for that person to develop or grow into potentially earning some kind of certifications even?

Keli: Now this is the really exciting piece. This really excites me a great deal as particularly you know we're coming out of a slower economy and you know and while firms haven't supported training, but Concurrency has always been a big supporter and a big champion for like training and certifications. You know it definitely is what has made us a leader you know in this Microsoft space. So for this particular role would be the Microsoft Certified IT Professional for SharePoint. That would definitely earn a certification that we would definitely encourage someone to get. Also you know the Association of Information and Image Management involvement as well as become Enterprise Content Management Practitioner or Specialist or the Master Track.  The third thing we are interested in supporting these people you know this role to grow would be to become a Certified Document Imaging Architect. So that's a very exciting piece of it and finally we would you know definitely want this person to gain exposure to an experience in or training in at least one product specific certification so there's a lot of vendors that we work with consistently and so you know we want for people to have exposure to those vendors. You know it just makes them a value add. So those include like KnowledgeLake or K2 or Kofax.

Marek: Keli if someone is interested who is listening to this podcast how can they submit their resume or contact you about this position?

Keli: Well we're very excited about our website our career site is titled "Rock Your Microsoft Career." So we are very excited about that because that's exactly what we're looking to do is actually rock your Microsoft career. So yeah I would recommend people to go to the website take a look at what's out there. They can learn a little bit more about the company and apply to jobs directly there.

Marek: What are some other jobs Keli that we can tell the audience today, what is the second type of if you will the position or the title of the job that you'd like to tell us about?

Keli: The second role that is one of the ones that I'm eagerly working on right now would be a Microsoft CRM Business Analyst. We're looking for people that are looking to be a part of award winning company. You know we've won lots of awards as global partners and SharePoint. We've  won you know partner of the year and at different spaces the Central Region and the Midwest Region and so you know someone that's looking to be a part of an award winning company were you know, you can achieve the career path that you've always been looking for. As a Microsoft partner we, you know do provide the growth an opportunity to add a Business Analyst in our growing CRM practice and we are definitely rapidly growing here. You know and to help serve some of our new accounts as well as our existing accounts. Successful candidates will be really focused and highly motivated people with strong communication skills and requirements gathering skills as well.

Marek: OK. What are some other requirements that you'll be looking for in the person in a successful candidate?

Keli: Well the you know from the soft skills perspective we are looking for someone with solid communication and requirements gathering as I mentioned before. Solid client-facing and business analysis skills. The ability to understand clients business needs and build strategic partnerships to document, implement those software solutions. Documenting and conveying business rules, processes and to developers. Excellent interpersonal skills including the ability to conduct presentations in person and via web based meetings. I would also say someone who has the ability to really juggle many projects you know and at one time and juggle multiple projects objectives and still make them you know in a timely manner. And then of course someone who is self directed, self-motivated. Previous experience as a consultant is always a plus and then of course someone with a Dynamics CRM certification is a plus as well.

Marek: Now how about some technical skills what are you looking for in terms of the desired technical skills in this candidate?

Keli: Well some of the technical skills that we are seeking would be you know CRM 2011 or CRM 4.0 experience. Some other CRM's you know such as SalesForce, Siebel, or Sugar those are a plus as well. Business analyst training or certification is good so and what else? I would say maybe data management tools you know maybe Scribe that's a really good one that we definitely look for and highlight. And then the last one I would say would be you know business intelligence experience so especially like SSRP for reporting SSIS and SQL Server would be.

Marek: Great. So you talked about requirements you talked about technical skills how about some qualifications.

Keli: Well we're looking for someone with a bachelor’s degree or at least in computer science or something related or the equivalent experience. We're looking for someone ideally with previous consulting experience so you know two to six years or something like that is preferred not required. Someone who you know has some relevant Microsoft certifications has the joy of learning new skills and technologies and is really passionate about conveying their knowledge. Someone who has excellent problem solving skills that's very key you know both at the, kind of frontline and you know at the incident to problem management. And then of course you know natural consulting expertise skills. So excellent communication and the ability to work effectively in a consulting environment as well as excellent documentation skills particularly with like technical writing. So that's what we're looking for.

Marek: And again if someone is interested in this Microsoft CRM Business Analyst how they should contact you?

Keli: We are always available at "Rock Your Microsoft Career" that would be

Marek: Excellent. I also know that you can get there from and you'll be redirected to the MFST version of it.

Keli: OK.

Marek: Great. So we talked about two different careers we talked about some practice business areas I also know that you have other careers that are available. What is a third one we can briefly discuss?

Keli: Another one that we are actively seeking is a Microsoft Systems Engineer. And this particular role you know we're looking for candidates who are you know, successful being really focused and highly motivated individuals with strong trouble shooting skills and kind of a perfectionist approach to Systems Engineering. So someone who would be responsible for establishing and maintaining kind of rigorous engineering standards for the operational efficiency and effectiveness of implementing those solutions. You know the role and crews responsibilities within Concurrency’s product development efforts including research and testing to determine kind of the best of breed you know new technologies.

Marek: OK. And as far as the qualifications and some of the responsibilities what are some qualifications?

Keli: Well this particular role actually can be split into a number of areas so a lot of times we're looking for people with a System Center background and that would include a variety of areas. So we've got like System Center Configuration Management, we've got System Center Service Management and so you know it's kind of like a systems engineer as a whole and each systems center may have their specialties that they've had experience in. So some of those qualifications are a bachelors degree in computer engineering, computer science or something or equivalent experience. Someone with consulting experience is ideal you to six years is the ideal. Definitely someone with Microsoft Systems Engineering experience ideally with at least a minimum of two years. It depends on the project work they've had. Someone with a passion and a joy you know for learning new skills, technologies, and passionate about conveying knowledge. We do a lot of knowledge sharing around here and it just really makes for great synergy. We're looking for people with excellent problem solving skills again and you'll you know constantly hear me say that you know whether it be the frontline and the incident to problem management so that's key with most of our roles. Someone who has you know relevant Microsoft Technology Specialist certifications. Someone with Microsoft Server 2008 you know expertise so whether it be like Active Directory with Group Policy or DNS or DFS or scripting. Microsoft Exchange 2007 also like I said the System Center. Lets see what else did I miss. Microsoft Virtualization experience you know, expertise in routers and switches and that sort of thing. Enterprise back up experience so those could be like ETL, offline media, B2D, you know ,someone who is project and team oriented and an again of course those consulting skills. So the excellent communications, the documentation those are something that we continue to look for as well.

Marek: OK. Great. Now I also know that you may also prefer certain folks with certain certifications so what are some desirable certifications or experience in specifics in terms of the certification?

Keli: Well OK. So of course we're looking for you know, ideally someone that has that Microsoft Certified IT Professional certification that's definitely a plus. You know, so the other pluses are like Microsoft Hyper-V Virtualization implementation and management. Another background could be the Microsoft System Center Configuration Management that I mentioned before that would be for implementation and management. It could be what they call SCOM so Microsoft System Center Operations Manager it could be the virtual machine manager t could also be you know the systems center like data protection manager. I think I hit them all. And so we've also got lets see then of course so the other skills would be you know the Windows Server 2008 experience is great. if people have the Microsoft Hyper-V experience you know some Microsoft Terminals Services 2008 that would be great. Microsoft Sequel 2005 or 2008 or both are acceptable. Again the previous consulting experience is always a plus and then one of the popular areas right now is ITL foundation certification so that's very popular for us right now.

Marek: OK. Great. So again if someone wants to apply for Microsoft Systems Engineer they should go to right?

Keli: Absolutely and I or Kate will check on it look at the present face.

Marek: So those of you who are listening and are interested please go to the website " Rock Your Microsoft Career." Fill out the short form so it's a very short form and then you can attach your resume it will  get to the right hands and Keli and Kate will definitely be happy to speak with you and see if they'll be some opportunities for you to be a part of this exciting growing Concurrency expertise. Well Keli I want to thank you very much for your time and when we come back in the next episode we will continue discussing other job careers, other job responsibilities, and requirements. Is there anything else you want to say to the audience?

Keli: Absolutely, I mean take a look at our website we'd love to see you on there and an engage with us you know we'd love that as well. And definitely check out our website we look forward to seeing your resumes and connecting with you on there as well.

Marek: Great. Thanks Keli for your time.

Keli: Thank you so much for listening


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