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Microsoft Services Update: the new Microsoft RMS

Author by James Savage

Microsoft’s Rights Management Services (RMS) team recently released a public preview of a major overhaul to its Rights Management offerings. The new Microsoft RMS allows organizations to share sensitive documents openly on common platforms like SkyDrive and DropBox, both within an organization and externally. Previews of RMS SDKs, Apps, and Services are now available, promising sensitive file sharing with ease.

Microsoft’s new RMS includes the ability to protect any file type, which can be viewed on any device and shared with anyone. Recipients can sign up for free RMS in order to view shared files. The new services give IT pros the ability to keep data on premise and to control the tenant key on premise, creating increased flexibility with data storage.

How it Works: In a typical document-sharing scenario, the RMS application offers the “share protected” feature inside document-creation platforms like Microsoft Word. The SDK opens the protection screen, permissions are addressed, and then the Send button creates an email to the recipient that can be further edited before sending. The recipient can open the secure attachment directly from email, on any device. If the recipient’s organization has not deployed RMS, they can sign up for free.

For additional information, check out this RMS Whitepaper from the Microsoft RMS Team blog.


James Savage

James Savage is the President of Concurrency, Inc., an information technology solution company he founded 1989. Its customers are among the most successful communication, construction, financial, insurance, logistics, and manufacturing companies in the Midwest.