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Migrate your Orchestrator Runbook Designer Settings and Runbooks to a New Server

Author by Duncan Lindquist

I recently ran into a situation where I had to rebuild my orchestrator server. I needed to save my designer Runbooks and settings and move them to a new server. This blog will cover this process. First log on to the server you want to move the settings from and open Runbook Designer. In Runbook Designer click action then select export. Now on the export screen enter a file location to save the export settings. Make sure you select the Runbook folder that contains all your Runbooks and enter a password. Leave all the boxes checked and select finish. Now copy your file from the old server onto your new server. Before you start the import process into the new server you need to make sure you have all the integration packs you had installed on the old server installed on the new server. For how to install integration packs see this blog. Now that you have your integration packs installed open your Runbook Designer click actions import. On the import screen enter the file location of the export you created and the password you created. Leave all the boxes checked and click finish. Once the import is finished you will notice all your run books, connections and other settings have been migrated to your new server.


Duncan Lindquist

Service Management & Automation Solution Lead