OneDrive for Business increased to 1 TB per user

Author by Nathan Lasnoski

Somewhere in the distance is your SAN, waving a white flag, saying it gives up.  I read this announcement from Microsoft and I immediately did a double take.  OneDrive is now providing 1 TB for every OneDrive for Business user.  What?  The old number was 25 GB and now it is 1 TB?  You can even purchase it by itself for $2.50 per user, per month.  That's pretty incredible.   Check it out here:   Do we really need another reason to use Office365 at this point?  Can you imagine your on-premise storage costing $2.50 for a TB per month?  I think not.  Now, combine this with the new Enterprise Mobility Suite and you have both capacity and data protection with Azure-RMS.   Nice work Microsoft.   Nathan Lasnoski

Nathan Lasnoski

Chief Technology Officer