Populating your CMDB with DSC Configuration Items Using SMA – Part 2

Author by Duncan Lindquist

Extending the Runbook Automation Class and Creating the Service Request

Now that we have the custom classes created the next step is to extend the runbook automation class and create a runbook template for us to use in the automation peice later. To do this follow the steps in this blog post:


Once the runbook is created we will need to create a Service Request template with the Runbook Automation Activity in it. To do this go to the library setctions and select new template and chose the Service Request class. Inside the template add your runbook template make sure the SMA Runbook and Status are set correctly.



Now that we have our templates created we can create the request offering to deploy the DSC config to a server.

To create a request offering open up the SCSM console navigate to the library tab select all request offerings then create request offering.


Now give the request a title I used Server Type Request since they are requesting a DSC configuration type. Then select the Service Request Template we created earlier.


Now enter the questions you would like to ask around your configuration. Only two needed are:

What server do you want to deploy?

What configuration do you want to deploy?

Both with the prompt type query.


Next make sure to map both query results a related item.


Now publish it and your Service Request will be ready from your portal and we will be ready to start scripting.Links to the blogs posts in this series:


Links to the blogs posts in this series:


Duncan Lindquist

Service Management & Automation Solution Lead