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On February 24 at the Microsoft AON Center in Chicago, Concurrency co-hosted an event with Microsoft titled “Microsoft Marketing Automation.” The educational session covered best practices and case studies in web content management, inbound marketing, search-engine optimization, CRM techniques, and more. Mark Rentmeester, Concurrency Team Lead for Microsoft SharePoint 2010, presented best practices in implementing SharePoint 2010 For Internet Sites (FIS). SharePoint FIS allows companies to content-management costs and get the most value from their content--across internal intranet, public-facing intranet, and extranet. Mark shared a Concurrency case study in which Concurrency rebuilt an existing client website pixel for pixel using SharePoint 2010's total visual flexibility, while providing the client vastly more powerful content management tools. Marek Wawrzyniak, President and CEO of Glendale, Arizona-based Interactive Web Works, described the evolution of online marketing strategies and techniques. Inbound marketing and search engine optimization should now be central to nearly every company's marketing strategy.  The trend is away from "custom publishing" (e.g., pushing out content using big media) and toward "content marketing" (e.g., bringing interested users to you by offering attractive content). Marek presented specific tactics for intelligent online campaigns, from keyword and website optimization to converting site traffic to qualified leads, and nurturing those leads with an email campaign. He discussed the crucial importance of data transparency into inbound marketing efforts. Jason Foerch, Concurrency Team Lead for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, shared what's possible in a CRM that genuinely brings together sales and marketing platforms for true 360 degree visibility of leads and campaigns. This new technology now brings everything together—for visibility, consistency, efficiency and, most of all, measurability. Said Concurrency CEO James Savage, “What matters most -- especially in sales & marketing -- is integration and measurement. Our clients say again and again that what makes the difference in their productivity and lead-generation is having tightly integrated tools that provide real transparency into processes -- and let you measure everything.” For upcoming Concurrency events, plus recaps of past presentations, visit Concurrency’s Events page. To contact Concurrency about its practices in Microsoft SharePoint 2010 or Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, call 262-364-5800. To contact Marek Wawrzyniak of Interactive Web Works, visit

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