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RECAP: SharePoint 2010- ECM and Taxonomy Event

Author by James Savage

It was another sold out event for Concurrency on Friday November 19, 2010 at the Microsoft Waukesha location. Concurrency presented SharePoint 2010 with a focus on ECM and Taxonomy. Guests were able to uncover the abilities of SharePoint 2010 that is changing the face of the game.
  • Content Management
  • Document Management
  • Records Management
By using this platform, users are able to integrate with existing Microsoft tools, like Windows and Office in order to provide a low barrier to entry that can engage users to participate in the ECM movement. During the event guests learned about the common business goals and challenges of ECM that your business may encounter. Guests were also made aware of the classification and leverage of the power of taxonomy. Additionally the event speakers demonstrated the powerful ECM capabilities when using SharePoint 2010. As an extra bonus guests were also able to examine the best-in-class capturing and index tools. The event speakers included:
  • Kelly Rusk: Content and Collaboration Consultant- Concurrency, Inc.
  • Lori Ashley: Independent Records Management Consultant and Taxonomist
  • Tom Mullen: Regional Channel Manager- KnowlegeLake
It was an extremely useful event for guests. One guest even stated, “[It was a] valuable event covering a broad topic. [It was] nice to have a taxonomy specialist present, a great team approach.” For more information on SharePoint 2010, ECM, Taxonomy or any of Concurrency’s Services, feel free to contact Concurrency at 262-364-5800 or view the website at

James Savage

James Savage is the President of Concurrency, Inc., an information technology solution company he founded 1989. Its customers are among the most successful communication, construction, financial, insurance, logistics, and manufacturing companies in the Midwest.