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RECAP: SharePoint + Fast Event

Author by James Savage

In the latest event hosted by Concurrency, application development specialists discussed SharePoint and any issues businesses might be experiencing with this product head on. On Friday November 7, 2008 forty guests joined together for the event SharePoint + Fast Event that was held at the Microsoft Office in Downers Grove, Illinois where they discussed the successes and most common pitfalls of SharePoint while introducing a new innovative technology to guests. Topics that were discussed during the event were:
  • Successes of SharePoint
  • Top 10 Pitfalls of SharePoint
  • Planning Governance and why you need it
  • FAST Search- Information and Demonstration
Although SharePoint was created to improve productivity, some business owners have encountered a few problems with the platorm that Concurrency wished to address. During this event Concurrency employees did their best to help area professionals get the best use out of SharePoint possible and answer any questions or concerns they still might have had. This portion of the event helped guests understand the server platform and clear the air on any confusing aspects of the program. A new innovative technology was also introduced to guests at the event, FAST. FAST is an enterprise search that helps businesses to enhance their content processing. The new search technology was Microsoft’s $1 Billion project that joined the Microsoft family in April of 2008. The FAST representatives were onsite to answer any questions and give a demonstration of the new technology in action. For any additional information on SharePoint or FAST contact Concurrency at 262-364-5800 or visit our website at  

James Savage

James Savage is the President of Concurrency, Inc., an information technology solution company he founded 1989. Its customers are among the most successful communication, construction, financial, insurance, logistics, and manufacturing companies in the Midwest.