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RECAP: Windows 7 + Virtualization Event

Author by James Savage

Nearly one hundred people joined together on Friday October 2, 2009 for Concurrency’s event at Miller Park in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This event was extremely special because guests were given a chance to see the new features of Windows 7 and a sneak peek at Server 2008 R2. New features for Windows 7 include:
  • Direct Access
  • AppLocker
  • Windows XP Mode
The Direct Access enable remote network access without the use of a VPN, this is very convenient for most businesses. The AppLocker easily controls access to many applications. Additionally the Windows XP Mode provides a virtual Windows XP environment for all users. Important details about Server 2008 R2 platform were also introduced and discussed for guests by Concurrency professionals. This included:
  • Virtualization
  • Secured Remote Connectivity
  • Branch Offices
The Virtualization helps to improve visualized desktop integration. The Secured Remote Connectivity is for both private and public computers. Additionally the Branch Offices improve security and performance for all branch offices. Not only did guests learn about Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2 features they also learned how they can earn grant money from Focus on Energy to implement a visualization project. With all of this valuable information it was no wonder why Microsoft and Concurrency had a full house for this event. For more information on Windows 7, Server 2008 R2 and all of Concurrency’s Services, feel free to contact Concurrency at 262-364-5800 or view the website at

James Savage

James Savage is the President of Concurrency, Inc., an information technology solution company he founded 1989. Its customers are among the most successful communication, construction, financial, insurance, logistics, and manufacturing companies in the Midwest.