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Sales: In the Trenches with an iPad and other Technologies

Author by Kirk Poser

iPad and other technologies in the Enterprise. As more and more C-level Executives embrace the iPad in the Enterprise, (they seem to sneak in the doors usually starting with the CEO) that adoption is beginning to rapidly flow down to the sales force. It may be in conversation only right now, but you can bet the tablet (iPad currently dominating, but Windows 8 can catch up) will be a topic of discussion in quite a few enterprises this year. So what is this Blog and who is it for? The questions you may have from either a Sales Manager perspective, from a CIO or an IT Administrator, or simply from an "In the Trenches" sales person will all be addressed here on a weekly basis. So what are my credentials to talk about these topics? Well, first and foremost I am in sales, and I use technology to the extreme. I also hold a MCSA certification and other technical certs so I am not just someone who has no idea what the “real World” of sales is all about, but I do understand the tech-eze. I also know how to teach people how best to use technology, as I live it day in and day out in my job. So whether you sell widgets or cars, services or software, my weekly series will address these topics from an Enterprise perspective of knowing the technology and what it can do to a sales person’s perspective of how to make this work for you. I am planning on covering topics such as:
  • Using an iPad for presentations
  • Using the iPad to sign contracts
  • Keeping up with emails
  • Company research
  • Sales automation
  • Tablet PC versus iPad
  • Getting Things Done with an iPhone or iPad
  • Are i-devices really ready for sales?
  • Technical adoption with a mature workforce
  • Can I do real work on an iPad or Tablet?
  • Tablet PC versus Laptop
  • Remote access and the iPad
  • Meeting documentation and remembering everything said in the meeting
  • What does the Cloud mean to Sales?
I will also entertain specific topics that you may want me to address, so visit my Blog frequently and comment. Disclosure: I am not an expert, but I play one on a TV. But what I am is a sales guy just like you trying to make sense of technology and generating sales revenue. You interested? Leave me a post on what you would like me to address as I lay out my schedule of topics!

Kirk Poser

Senior Account Manager