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Savage on IT: Office 365, SkyDrive updates, and other Top IT News

Author by James Savage

This week’s top IT, enterprise, and Microsoft-related news stories offer insight for seamless Office 365 migrations, updates to SkyDrive, and an intro to the new Surface Pro 2 tablet. 

Three tools to help your Office 365 migration run smoothly. Running your services in the cloud means your service provider does a lot of the work. The Office 365 Exchange, SharePoint, and Lync servers function like on-premise servers once you’re in the cloud, but getting there can take some assistance. These tools can help make the transition more seamless (from ZDNet).

Microsoft adds ‘smart files’ to SkyDrive for Windows 8.1. SkyDrive users who are running Windows 8.1 can now use the smart files functionality to save hard drive space while retaining access to documents. A condensed version of each file is stored on the drive and the full version is available for download from SkyDrive as needed (from TheNextWeb).

Microsoft Windows Azure snags FedRAMP approval for government cloud work. FedRAMP certification makes it easier for Windows Azure to get more government cloud contracts. Although Microsoft is not the first cloud provider to receive the certification, it is the first company with infrastructure and platform services to be approved (from Gigaom).

The Microsoft Surface Pro 2 hands-on video. This video can help you test drive the optimal performance of the new Surface Pro 2, without leaving the comfort of your computer (from Engadget).

Microsoft increases roaming limit for Windows apps to 81 devices. Windows 8 allowed users to share apps purchased from the Windows App Store on up to five other devices. With the release of Windows 8.1, that limit has been raised to a whopping 81 other devices, allowing customers to access their purchased apps from virtually any device (from Computerworld).

Everything you need to know about your Windows 8.1 upgrade options. Each time a new version of Windows is released, Microsoft changes its products lineup to go along with it. This guide will tell you what to look for and how to make the transition affordable (from ZDNet).

Microsoft details updated Mail app for Windows 8.1 with integration. Along with Windows 8.1 release, Microsoft is making a number of updates to its Mail app that will make the features more similar to web-based offerings and optimize the platform for use on tablets (from Engadget).

Mozilla invites users to test Firefox for Windows 8. Mozilla recently announced its touch-enabled Firefox browser for Windows 8 tablets. Although not yet publicly available, users may download the browser now for a sneak peek and test drive (from Gigaom).

Microsoft updates Windows Phone App Studio with new menu bar, SkyDrive, and leaner Visual Studio template. Windows Phone App Studio is a free web-based tool that allows any user to easily create and share an app without using any coding. New updates make navigation easier, integrate SkyDrive, and include an enhanced project template (from TheNextWeb).


James Savage

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