SCCM Reporting Services The underlying connection was closed

Author by Nathan Lasnoski

I encountered an error with a Reporting Services environment serving SCCM where I was receiving errors for the reporting services point.  It was unable to connect to the Reporting Services server.  I logged onto the server and found that the websites were not accessible through a web browser.  I worked on the error and even re-deployed the entire reporting services site with a new database to test it, believing the problem could be with the encryption keys.  The re-deployment didn't make any difference and I started to look through the configuration files.   I found that I was able to resolve it by opening the "rsreportserver.config" file under "Program FilesSQL ServerMSRS.XYZReporting ServicesReportServer" and replacing the value of "SecureConnectionLevel" to "0" vs. "2" or "3".   This returned my reporting services instance into operation and allowed me to use it with System Center again.   Here are some instances of other people troubleshooting the same issue with SCCM:   Cheers,   Nathan Lasnoski

Nathan Lasnoski

Chief Technology Officer