SCVMM 2012 RC Download Available!

Author by Nathan Lasnoski

Microsoft announced the public availability of the release candidate for VMM 2012!  This product is a huge step forward in systems management and bring with it many new capabilities and an entirely new way of looking at datacenter services. System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 (SCVMM 2012) will provide cloud management of both Hyper-V and Azure virtual platforms, as well as provisioning of entire IT services through virtual building blocks.    SCVMM 2012 RC will support the upgrade from RC to RTM.  Also, New features include:

Fabric Management

  • Bare metal provisioning of Hyper-V hosts
  • Network management.  Network provisioning, IP addressing, VLAN, and assignment, creation of model networks, and self-service.
  • Storage management.  End-to-end storage management, including SAN storage provisioning using SMI-S.
  • Cross platform.  Management of Hyper-V, Xen, and Vmware

Resource Optimization

  • Dynamic Optimization (DO).  Balancing of workloads within a cluster.   This is similar to VMware’s DRS.  Also includes intelligent placement.
  • Power Management.  Enhanced management of power usage, including powering down of Hyper-V hosts.

Infrastructure Enhancements

  • Additional PowerShell capabilities
  • Enhanced user delegation, especially for self-service
  • HA VMM 

Cloud Management

  • Private and public cloud management (includes Azure)
  • Capacity and capability boundaries
  • Self-Service usage

Service Management

  • Service Templates (using Service Designer)
  • Service Lifecycle
  • Application Deployment
  • Image based servicing

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    By far, the cloud based service management features of VMM 2012 are the most revolutionary. The capability to deploy an entire application infrastructure from a model, especially the individual applications themselves, really, really cool.  It drastically reduces the time to deploy applications.  Stay tuned for a full demonstration and images…

Nathan Lasnoski

Chief Technology Officer