Service Manager 2012 Web Portal Content Missing

Author by Duncan Lindquist

I ran into an issue today with the Service Manager Web Portal not displaying the silver light web part when trying to install into an existing SharePoint 2010 farm. I started trouble shooting by checking that the web url of the Content Site was configured correctly. To do this I opened IIS selected the Service Manager Portal and clicked on Application settings. In application settings I made sure the url for the content hub matched the Service Manager Portal. If the sites are https they must share the same certificate and the same name. I also made sure that the name was the fully qualified since I was using the fully qualified name for the web portal and they must match. Next I checked the web content settings xml by copying the url from the applications settings and adding settings.xml to the end. This test validates the url in the application settings. You should get a page that looks something like this: Next I checked the web portal again but it was still displaying a blank page. So next I decided to verify that the Content Host web.config had updated properly by opening it up and verifying the URL in the section. The location of the web config is C:inetpubwwwrootSystem Center Service Manager PortalContentHost This still didn't fix the issue so I decided to run a fiddler trace and see what was happening. I noticed I was getting the .xap file but it wasn't opening it or getting the zip files. Next I compared it a working version of the portal that I had and I noticed one minor difference. The broken site had a Content-Type of application/x-silverlight-app-2 and the working one (shown below) had a Content-Type of application/x-silverligh-app. This pointed me in the right direction the next step was to open IIS on the WebPortal box. Then from the server level select MIME Types. Then in MIME Types I found the .xap extention and changed it to application/x-silverligh-app then did an IIS reset and I had my content back!

Duncan Lindquist

Service Management & Automation Solution Lead