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Service Manager Billable Time Reports - Part 1: Introduction to Billable Time Reports

Author by Christopher Mank

One of the most frequent report requests I receive from clients and on the Service Manager Forum is one that shows Billable Time for an Incident.  The out of box SM Incident class and form do a great job of allowing the IT analysts to add/update their billable time to an IR.  The out of box Incident Dimension and Fact tables also do a great job of allowing the report writers to expose this data to the report consumers. Besides this functionality, there are a few challenges that the out of box billable time feature does not address that is also frequently requested by users.  They are: 1.  The billable time feature is only available for Incidents.  There is no section for any other Work Item (Problem, Service Request, etc.) to add billable time. Service Manager 2012 SP1 Billable Time Image 2.  The billable time feature does not keep track of each time entry separately.  Let's take a look at this example more closely by using the same IR from above (IR2057).  On 1/20/13, I worked on this IR for 5 minutes.  When this happened, the system created a Has Billable Time relationship from the IR to my user account.  The next day, 1/21/13, I worked on this IR for another 2 minutes.  Here is how this looks in the DB: Service Manager Billable Time Table SQL image Instead of tracking each time entry as its own separate record in the DB, the system just updates the TimeInMinutes and LastUpdated column.  This is perfectly fine if you just want to report billable time from an Incident perspective (total time work on an IR).  But what if you wanted to report billable time from a User perspective?  For example, show me how much time Christopher worked and billed on a particular day and what Work Items did he work on.  Since the system does not keep track of time entry separately, there is no way of telling on which day (or days) I worked on IR2057. In this four part blog series, I'm going to show you: 1.  How to create a custom Incident Billable Time Report in SSRS that shows the time worked on an Incident, using out of box functionality. 2.  How to create a custom Billable Time class, form, and report that will solve both of the challenges previously mentioned. Stay Tuned! Part 1:  Introduction to Billable Time Reports (This post) Part 2:  Incident Billable Time Report Until the Whole World Hears, Christopher

Christopher Mank

Systems Architect