SharePoint Content Organizer

Author by Hozafa Motiwala

The SharePoint Content Organizer is a great tool that you can setup to do the following tasks automatically.
  1. You can manage duplicate documents by using SharePoint versions or change the filename by adding unique characters.
  2. You can route documents to different folders or libraries. Each time that a document is uploaded the Content Organizer uses rules that you created to determine where it should move the document so it can be routed to the correct library or folder which can be located in a different site collection. Rules can be based on a combination of content types and metadata.
  3. The Content Organizer can keep audit logs about a document stored with the document after it is routed.
  4. Upload all the documents that you want the documents to use the Content Organizer Rules to the Drop Off Library within the SharePoint site. You can configure the Content Organizer to place all uploaded documents in a Drop Off Library where metadata can be entered and the process completed.
  5. You can configure the Content Organizer to monitor the number of items in the folders within SharePoint. By default the limit of a folder is 2500 items.  So any additional documents by the default limit would get routed to a new folder to be stored in.

Hozafa Motiwala

Technical Architect