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SharePoint Folders & Metadata - Advantages & Disadvantages

Author by Drew Madelung

I am asked all the time about working with folders and metadata in SharePoint.  This is a very common question throughout all of the content management as well and not just SharePoint.  In a follow up to one of my previous posts, Not folders or metadata, why not folders & metadata, I put together together a slide deck to go a little deeper.  I have pieced this deck together from different blogs, sites, and slides throughout the great SharePoint community.  This slide deck outlines the advantages and disadvantages of using folders and metadata in SharePoint.  I also included a requirements matrix to help decide which solution is best.  This is a good deck to use in meetings or discussions when doing any preparation to move to SharePoint or for training purposes to educate end users. 

2014-12-23 12_59_13-SharePoint Folders & Metadata

Link to Presentation


Drew Madelung

Technical Architect