SMA Runbooks Stuck in a Queued Status

Author by Duncan Lindquist

There are a few situations that I have run into recently that have caused SMA runbooks to stay stuck in a queued status like in the picture below. Queued Here is a list of the Issues and fixes for the queued status: 1. The Runbook Service is Stopped or the Run As account has a bad password. Check the Runbook Service to verify that the Service is running and verify the password on the account. RB Serivce   2. The Runbook Serivce doesn't exsist. The cause of this was actually the fact that the web service had been installed but the runbook worker service had not been installed. The install for the runbook worker service can be found on the Orchestrator installer as seen below. Orch Installer   3.  Group Policy. I have found that having the group policies shown below applied to a runbook worker machine can cause the runbooks to hang in a queued status. Removing this machines from the group policy and restarting the service will resolve the issue. 2-Policy 1-Policy  


Duncan Lindquist

Service Management & Automation Solution Lead