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So What Version of the Service Manager Console Are YOU Running?

Author by Christopher Mank

So let's play a game.  The below screenshot is from the Help --> About section of the Service Manager console.  What's odd about this picture?  I'll even give you a hint, it has something to do with what's highlighted in the green box. SCSM Console RTM Help About Did you figure it out?  Well if you haven't, I'll help you.  The 7.5.2905.0 Product Version for Service Manager is actually the version for Service Manager 2012 SP1.  But as you can see, the window does not indicate that I'm running SP1.  So what's going on? I ran into this issue today at a client as they were going live with their system.  Service Manager and the other System Center components had been upgraded to SP1 for a number of months with no issues.  As we worked through some items we noticed that users added to the Advanced Operator Group could not modify any CIs, which according to the Service Manager List of User Roles, they should be able to do (List of User Roles found here). After spending a few minutes troubleshooting, I noticed that permissions worked just fine from the server, so I had them close out of their console and go back in.  Here is what immediately clued me in that something was amiss.  The first screenshot was from their machine and the second one was from the server.  See the difference? SCSM Console RTM Splash ScreenSCSM Console SP1 Splash Screen SCSM SP1 consoles clearly state in the Splash Screen that they are SP1.  But the local console did not say that.  So to be sure, we went to Help --> About to see what versions they each were running.  Here is where things got interesting.  Compare the below screenshot which was from the server to the first screenshot in this post which was from a local machine running the console. SCSM Console SP1 Help About The Help --> About section of the Service Manager console is actually reporting the version of Service Manager determined by it's Management Server, not the version of the console.  So if an analyst goes to Help --> About to determine what version of the console they are running, they will very likely get inaccurate results. To accurately determine the version of your local console, open Programs and Features in the Control Panel and notice the version there.  This is the actual version of your local console. SCSM Console RTM Programs and Features So the lesson learned sure to upgrade your local console to SP1 after you've upgraded your Service Manager environment to SP1.  You can always refer to the following link on how to perform this upgrade.  If you are running the RTM version of the SCSM console against SCSM SP1, most all things do function correctly, but not everything.  You'll want to upgrade it as soon as possible.  I hope this helps other people curious about the version of their SCSM console. Until the Whole World Hears, Christopher

Christopher Mank

Systems Architect