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"Take Me To The Bridge" - Dial-in Audioconferencing In OCS

Author by Matt Sims

As James Brown used to say, “Take me to the bridge!”.  Well, with the new dial-in audioconferencing feature in Microsoft’s Office Communications Server 2007 R2, Microsoft is happy to take us there.  OCS provides a robust conferencing feature set, including:
  • Persistent individual conference bridges for each user!
  • Voice- driven menu prompts for quick conference join experience
  • Streamlined conference scheduling through Outlook (with Conferencing Addin For Microsoft Outlook)
  • Live Meeting 2007 Web conferencing integration, allowing PSTN attendees to join ad hoc meetings as well as those previously scheduled
  • User Web portal with PIN reset functionality
In summary, Office Communications Server 2007 R2 provides a rich dial-in audio conferencing feature set with deep integration into other Microsoft Office products. Check out these screenshots:
- Matt

Matt Sims

Solution Lead - Unified Communications