Virtualization of Communications Server Wave 14... really

Author by Nathan Lasnoski

Did you say Communications Server 14 would be supported virtualized?  Really?  The answer is yes.  I was blown away when I heard it.  Here are the details… What's supported?
  • Virtualization of specific Communications Server roles
  • SQL, Exchange, and AD virtualization where appropriate
  • Hyper-V R2 (not R1) and VMWare
  • Client virtualization (except Audio / video) - use IP phone
 What's not supported?
  • Branch office / gateway only / mediation server + gateway
  • Standard edition servers (already a single box)
  • Live Migration of Communications Server VMs
It goes with saying that you need to do appropriate scaling of your virtualized environment.  The challenges with oversubscription that impact some companies will impact voice even more, so its very important to do appropriate planning of your virtual resources.  Nathan Lasnoski

Nathan Lasnoski

Chief Technology Officer