Visio Org Chart Tutorial using Visio 2013 & Exchange Server

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Are you tired of editing the Org-Chart manually to keep it updated? There is a new add-in in Visio 2013 for you which helps to create a Visio Org Chart within 5 minutes. If your Microsoft Exchange Server reflects the current employee data, then it takes a fraction of second to create a pretty organization chart. The first step is to go to the VIEW tab in Visio 2013. Then click on the ADD-ONs dropdown as shown in the image below and select BUSINESS -> ORG-CHART visio1   Visio now presents with two options. The second radio button provides an option to use an EXCEL or CSV file to upload the organizational hierarchy information. This option is out of the scope of this blog. The first option is interesting which helps you to create an org chart in 5 minutes. Select “information stored in file or database” and click NEXT as shown in the image below. visio2 Then select the “Microsoft Exchange Server Directory” option and click NEXT 3 times to arrive at a page which asks you to select the “NAME AT THE TOP OF PAGE”. This option provides you an option to show only departmental or regional or a full company employee overview. For an example, if you wanted to display the entire company, select the name of president at the top of the page. But, if you want to show only a departmental information, select the name of department lead. I want to display information about only our Unified Communication Team and hence I selected the lead of that department to be displayed at the top of the page. Then I click finish and Visio automatically creates a nice organizational chart by retrieving information of the employees from the Exchange Server. visio3 Well, I don’t think it can’t get any easier than this to create an organizational chart. You can find the final departmental org chart created in 5 minutes using Microsoft Visio 2013 and Exchange Server. visio4 There are a few challenges like effectively configuring the Exchange Server to reflect the updated employee data, hierarchy gaps, inserting cool display pictures for each employee etc. These are not covered in this blog as the intention of this blog was to show the power of Visio Org Chart add-in which can query the Exchange Server and automate the process of org chart creation forever. This eliminates the routine task of HR to edit the org chart when the employee joins/quits the organization or if an employee is promoted with a new designation/title.

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