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[caption id="attachment_11442" align="alignright" width="163"]Kate Weiland Photo Kate Weiland, Director of Human Capital Management[/caption] Kate Weiland, Director of Human Capital Management discusses what's new at Concurrency and open careers.
We doubled in size ... almost every year for the past three years.
Kate attributes multiple "Partner of the Year" awards by Microsoft as one of the growth factors for expansion. There are challenges to such fast growth, which Kate shares during this podcast. [display_podcast] Transcript of this podcast:

Marek: Today we welcome Kate... to our Concurrency Experts podcast. Kate, would you please introduce yourself briefly.

Kate: Hi, Marek. Sure, again I'm Kate Wieland. I'm the Director of Human Capital Management here at Concurrency and I oversee all of our talent acquisition and human resources over the whole company.

Marek: Hey Kate, I hear that Concurrency has been making some headlines lately. Would you tell us what this attributed to?

Kate: We certainly have had a lot to brag about as of late. it's actually a very exciting time for Concurrency. I don't know if you've know this, but we have doubled in size as an organization almost every year for the past 3 years and we have plans to do that same amount of growth probably throughout this next year to 18 months.

Marek: In what areas are you seeing this growth?

Kate: Well we're growing in all of our practice areas so just throughout the company, but we're also growing into multiple cities. We've expanded our footprint over the past two years into Chicago and then over the past year we've expanded even further into Michigan an into Indiana. We've won and completed projects outside of that, but we've really made an impression in those geos. We are very focused in Microsoft technologies and they have recognized Concurrency with multiple partner of the year awards which of course has contributed also to that growth. Over the past couple of years well, specifically in 2012 we were awarded the Microsoft Worldwide Content Management Partner of the Year award. We also received a 2012 Microsoft Central Region Partner of the Year award and a Microsoft Midwest Partner of the Year. So hence us growing into those Midwestern cities, we really have gotten a lot of exposure. Finding the right talent now that is definitely the challenge.

Marek: Kate, I would like to ask you a little bit more to tell us about what is the biggest challenge as a recruiting director in such a fast growing company?

Kate: Well I think any company that's focused in technologies especially new technologies will tell you it's finding the talent. The core technologies are not real prevalent so that's the biggest challenge. Finding people that can do the work. We also have a very unique culture here at Concurrency so we really want to find the best of the best technical...Their actually true technologists, but we also want to find people that want to grow in their career as a consultant. So finding that person who's the right blend of those two, that can be challenging.

Marek: So how do you over come this challenge?

Kate: Well, first of all as our website mentions we truly do rock your Microsoft career. We hire those leading and top notched talented folks and then we continue to invest in them. So we're not always going out just trying to hire somebody for every new project, but rather we want to reinvest in the people that have been part of our team. So we're investing in their skill sets, we're providing them with training, we're building them up so that their always at that cutting edge. I'm really proud to say that we currently have three Microsoft MVP's that are with Concurrency.

We also have I think year to date we have eight VTSP's which are Virtual Technical Solution Professionals and we've recently announced that we are the first Global Gold Partner with Knowledge Lake. I don't want to forget actually we do have a master on board too. We have an Unified Communications Lync Master.

Clearly it's a proven approach, you know that reinvesting has paid off for not only our employees individually, but for Concurrency as a whole.

Marek: I also know that, that certified master here was the first in the entire state of Wisconsin of that sort. I'm not sure if it's still the case, but that's great. That's a great accomplishment.

Kate: Yes. Thank you. We're very proud.

Marek: Yeah, OK. Kate would you tell us a little bit about what's happening, what's new? I know you may be doing some special events in the coming days or weeks?

Kate: We recently just had a series of SharePoint events. In fact, we did a tour of four cities in two days were we had a SharePoint kickoff in Milwaukee, Madison, Chicago and in Northbrook. I want to say our attendance was over 200 attendees. So our turnout was very good. We also have another event coming up which is our System Center 2012 SP1 event. You can check that out also on our website, but that is highlighting System Center 2012. So people will be invited to see how easily businesses can efficiently manage data centers and client devices and their hybrid Cloud IT environment. So we anticipate having a really good turnout for that event as well.

Marek: So anyone who is interested who is listening to us just go to Cocurrency.com ad the choose menu option news and events and they'll be a link to register. Now Kate I understand that this event is free of charge?

Kate: That's correct.

Marek: I know that there's some special bonus were one lucky person will be drawn to win a $150 Windows store gift card.

Kate: That's correct.

Marek: Yeah, great a little incentive. Alright, Kate. Let's switch gears a little bit and can we talk a little bit about careers. What are some career openings or job openings currently that you are looking to fill?

Kate: Well we do have openings in all of our practice areas. So if anybody is looking for something in our infrastructure practice we have openings in several of our core teams. We are also looking for somebody in our Microsoft Dynamics practice.

Looking to hire a Senior Architect, somebody who has specifically done implementations of the Microsoft's Dynamics product. One of the positions I'd like to highlight right now though is were our growth has really allowed us to grow our inside sales division so our outside sales has done such a great job we're looking at bringing on somebody that will not only be supporting sales internally, but also managing the Microsoft licensing portion of our business.

The primary role of inside sales is to really enable that field rep to stay out in the field and that vendor management and relationship is working closely with a third party partnerships and all of the behind the scenes responsibilities that come along with that. That position is also listed on our website.

Marek: Would you remind us again where and which website they can go to, to find this career posted.

Kate: Yeah. Anyone interested can go two places either through the regular Concurrency.com website and going to the careers tab or candidates can go directly to www.rockyourmsftcareer.com.

Marek: Hey Kate, what else is new at Concurrency this month?

Kate: Well I'm happy to say that in our upcoming new employee orientation we are going to be starting four new employees. We have a couple of new people starting in Milwaukee and a new person starting in our Chicago office. So that's been keeping us very busy. We also had two of our three MVP's travel to Redman Washington for the National MVP Summit. So we have a lot of people on the go and as we continue to grow we want to encourage anyone who wants to enhance their career by being a part of Concurrency. They can shadow MVP's that are not you know, they're far and few we'll say that.

Marek: Now Kate, could you help us understand what MVP is. Is that a certification or is it some special title or what is that?

Kate: It's actually a recognition awarded from Microsoft. It's not based on any kind of certification, but rather time invested in the Microsoft community. It's almost like a score card were they are evaluated on their contribution and speaking engagements and contributing to Microsoft projects, growing a team internally. It's quiet unique and very different than just a certification.

Marek: OK. So, it sounds like it's a very distinguished honor to be titled with MVP because it's like Microsoft looks up to these guys for some sort of a collaboration on different topics.

Kate: Correct and we all do. Yes, we all look up to them.

Marek: Oh yeah.

Kate: It's quiet an honor.

Marek: Yeah, definitely.

Kate: For a company the size of Concurrency which is right now hovering just over 60 people the percentage is unheard of to have three MVP's at a company this size. So, yeah we're very proud.

Marek: Now everyone who is listening to us I encourage you to go to Concurrency.com and go to the blog section of Concurrency.com because these MVP's they are prolific writers. They write information about daily tasks or projects or technologies that they are encountering. They provide very valuable information and so you can follow them on the blog, you can follow them on Twitter, connect with them on Linkedin and you will also be amazed with the level of their knowledge.

Kate: So please if you're listening go take a look at our website either Concurrency.com or rockyourmscareer.com. Take a look at some of our open positions if you want to be part of our growing Concurrency team, but also take a look at some of those upcoming events, we'd love to have you.

Marek: Kate, thank you so much for your time and all this great information and we are looking forward to having you again in the near future.

Kate: Thank you so much Marek.


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