Why the Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite is awesome

Author by Nathan Lasnoski

In the last week Microsoft released a new suite of products called the Enterprise Mobility Suite. This suite is a powerful set of cloud based technologies that every business should look at immediately. Each of these technologies individually make sense and have almost an instant value, but when combined together they present an excellent value for any enterprise organization. Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Event Microsoft's Enterprise Mobility Suite is made up of three major components, Azure Active Directory Premium, Azure Rights Management Services, and Intune.  Let's consider a few scenarios to see how this might help your company.
  • What if every user could reset their password through their mobile phone and you could reduce help desk calls by 30 percent?

    Azure Active Directory Premium provides self-service password reset in the cloud, accessible from your smart phone and easy to use.  The entire suite is worth it just for this feature and it has a benefit of significantly reducing help desk calls, since users are now able to help themselves.
  • What if group management was drastically easier?

    Azure Active Directory Premium provides a self-service group management for departments, HR, and IT.  I've found that this operation accouts for greater than 10% of IT service desk calls in many organizations.  If we can reduce the drain of permissions request through a normalized process and easy to use tool, let's do it.
  • What if every document was protected whether it is stored in a corporate file share or not?

    Azure-RMS includes the ability to protect documents whether they live on a corporate file share, or are being accessed from home.  It's like if you had an important document in a safe and carried it with you, though because it is protected, the document is as safe at home as it is in the safe.  The great thing is that it is easy to deploy, vs. requiring a complicated on-premise installation.
  • What if my corporate account automatically logged into internet based, software-as-a-service properties?

    How many people have non-domain accounts to your web properties? What if your temporary marketer left and took your corporate twitter login info with him? Azure Active Directory provides identity federation to 1,000s of SaaS applications.
  • What if I had multi-factor authentication using my mobile phone vs. a dongle?

    I used to carry around a RSA token, but no longer! Now I can use Azure-MFA for my multi-factor authentication needs. Azure-MFA provides the security of a token based two-factor authentication mechanism in the ease of a smart phone.
  • What if I could control every mobile device in my organization and centralize the device information? 

    Are you using Airwatch or Mobile Iron, as well as SCCM? You're paying too much and not getting the value you could, as with Intune, we can manage the diverse set of mobile devices and integrate the data back into SCCM for centralized control.
  • How much does this stuff cost and what can I get rid of?

    The price is pretty ridiculous too. $7.50 a user starting, for all components. That's pretty sweet. Want to learn more? Check out this datasheet.  Let's think of the software I can eliminate with these components:
    • Self-service password reset vendors
    • Airwatch / Mobile Iron
    • Document protection and secure e-mail
    • Group management software
We'll be talking more about the Enterprise Mobility Suite at the upcoming Concurrency Identity and Access event in Milwaukee, Chicago Downtown, Chicago Downers Grove, or at Lambeau Field in Green Bay Wisconsin!  Also, look for some upcoming blogs by Shannon Fritz on configuring the EMS!

Nathan Lasnoski

Chief Technology Officer