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Windows Update & SharePoint Updates

Author by Drew Madelung

I am updating this post on 3/3/2015 because Microsoft has retracted the statements below in which updates would be released via windows update.  The community has spoken and now:

As of March 2015, all Office product updates will be offered via Microsoft Update except for non-security updates for server products.

Link to Todd Klindt Post

Link to Stefan Gossner Post


The February 2015 cumulative updates were released this week for SharePoint and there is a new wrinkle to this release and upcoming releases.

SharePoint updates are now being released via windows update.

This is now happening for SharePoint 2010 and 2013. Here are some links from some of the best people to follow in regards to SharePoint updates and their blog posts about these changes:

The approach that I like to take with SharePoint servers is to turn off the automatic install of windows updates. I prefer to know what is getting installed on my servers and when. It is also strongly preferred to perform any updates in a Test or QA environment to ensure there are no issues with your solutions or regressions that have occurred in the patches themselves. If you are like me and like your control, use this post a service announcement to take a minute and double check all of SharePoint servers windows update settings.

If you want to keep your SharePoint servers patched through windows update, there is not a technical issue with approach. If the patches get installed automatically SharePoint will still work fine. 

From Stefan:

“If you have windows update enabled or WSUS configured to push SharePoint fixes automatically to your SharePoint farms it will guarantee that your SharePoint servers will always be up-to-date. The only thing you need to plan is to run PSConfig from time to time to ensure that not only the binaries or your box but also the SharePoint databases get updated.”

Here are a links to the KB pages from Trevor Seward:

Happy patching!


Drew Madelung

Technical Architect