Ethics of AI – Chapter 5: AI Principles

Chapter 5: Considerations in Leveraging AI to Augment Humanity Editors Note: This post is a part of a series on Ethics of Artificial Intelligence. With the impact of AI on the economy, business output, and life being substantial many organizations have formed to propose principles and frameworks to engaging.  The following is a set of […]

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Journey to teaching Project Management (Pt. 2)

Teaching communication is tricky because it’s difficult to teach. Communication is learned through experience throughout our individual lives. There are also many different forms of communication. You need to able to distinguish how to communicate that is acceptable based on a situation- casual or professional settings. In project management, communication is everything. The PM needs to be able to effectively communicate with the internal team, external teams, clients, and any other stakeholders that are affiliated within a project.

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Types of Friendships and Business Relationships

We all have friends in our lives, but how often have we taken a moment to think about the types of friends we have?  Aristotle has given us an interesting model that is helpful to this day of three types of friendship, which are (1) friendships of utility, (2) friendships of pleasure, and (3) friendships […]

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Solutions in Dynamics 365

Solutions in Dynamics 365:

A solution is a bucket where we can store all the customizations of a particular project. Creating a solution helps the user to move the changes from one environment to another. We can use solutions to extend the capability of Dynamics 365. There are basically three different types of solutions: System/Default, managed and unmanaged.

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Five Helpful Tips for Writing Documentation

Documentation isn’t the most glamourous task in the world, but with these helpful tips, higher quality and more flawless documentation can be produced.

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R Visuals in Power BI

How to create advanced R visuals with the help of Power BI.

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Hung Server Troubleshooting

When a server hangs, it can oftentimes be difficult to find the root cause.  There are a variety of potential factors, and narrowing it down can be tough.  Here, we'll review the general process for troubleshooting a hung server.

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